Scott Collinson : 4 Meditation Tips

Simple meditation techniques to help a beginner. Tips so simple, yet very effective to have a deeper meditation experience:

1.    Choose a convenient time and place

2.    Sit comfortably with a light stomach

3.    Start with some warm-up exercises, deep breaths

4.    Smile and more.

How to meditate

1.    Choose a clean, distraction-free spot or room in your home, though you can do it sitting in your chair at the office during lunch-hour, too! If it is at home, it is better not to use this space for any other activity.

2.    Ensure the lighting is soothing and the ventilation sufficient – and the noise-levels under control.

3.    You can listen to guided meditations, but it is better to start with a group.

4.    Meditate at the same time every day, so it becomes a sustainable routine. Early morning is an optimal time.

5.    Don’t overdo it. Start by meditating for 10-15 minutes. Keep a timer

6.    Shut up – the cellphone. Tell your family you are on Do Not Disturb mode for a short spell of time, till your meditation is over.

7.    And, please, wear comfortable clothes, preferably of natural fabric.

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Scott Collinson : What is Meditation?

Meditation is that which gives you deep rest. Meditation is an activity in which the practitioner just sits and allows the mind to dissolve. It is a simplified activity which can easily be practiced by all. Meditation is not concentration. It is de-concentration.

The rest in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. When the mind becomes free from agitation, is calm and serene and at peace, meditation happens.

Scott Collinson

9 Benefits of Meditation

There are numerous benefits of meditation. It is an essential practice for mental hygiene.

1.    A calm mind

2.    Good concentration

3.    Clarity of perception

4.    Improvement in communication

5.    Blossoming of skills and talents

6.    An unshakeable inner strength

7.    Healing

8.    The ability to connect to an inner source of energy

9.    Relaxation, rejuvenation, and good luck are all natural results of meditating regularly.

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Scott Collinson : How to Get Started-Few Pro Tips for Rock-Climbing Beginner

Scott Collinson fell in love with rock climbing when he was 12 years old. he is an authority on the sport and the author of 19 books, most of them rock-climbing guides. Scott Collinson  climbs around the world and loves to see new climbers develop their abilities. Scott Collinson is sharing his tips with new climber

1.    Scott Collinson  says. “Climbing indoors is easy and safe, and it’s a great way to try the sport and see what it is about. You can rent equipment, get instruction, and learn basic climbing skills.” When you get to an indoor climbing gym, watch the experienced climbers. Reach out to other climbers at the gym and learn from their experiences.

2.     Perfect your moves and your rock-climbing skills before you head out to the real rock. Consider building your own climbing wall. That way, you can boulder, or climb to small heights, and practice your technique.

3.    Once you feel ready to climb outdoors, recognize that climbing is a dangerous sport. The most advanced indoor skills don’t necessarily prepare you for a safe outdoor experience.

4.    To make an outdoor experience as safe as possible, go with experienced climbers. Hire a guide or take outdoor lessons from a guide service.

5.    Even if you head out with a group of experienced climbers, don’t rely on them for your safety. Be responsible for yourself. Learn to tie your knots, check your knots, tie them to the rope, and check your anchors.

6.    Remember that climbing doesn’t just involve the arms. “People often ask me, ‘Am I strong enough to go climbing?'” Scott Collinson  says. “The answer is usually yes, because climbers use their legs and feet to push off, rather than their arms to pull themselves up.”

7.    Don’t let a fear of heights prevent you from rock climbing. “Many people focus on their fear of heights and their fear of falling,” Scott Collinson  says. “I tell people those are two of our basic human fears, and they keep you alive.”

8.    Learn to trust your belayer (the person holding the rope for you). You can’t climb without trust.

9.    If you fall in love with climbing, consider buying equipment. But when you start, you can rent equipment: a harness, a helmet, one or two locking carabiners, and a belay rappel device. “Those are your personal climbing tools,” Scott Collinson   says. “You’ll also need a pair of proper climbing shoes. They mold to your feet and are less sloppy and slippery than tennis shoes.”

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Scott Collinson : Places To Go Rock Climbing Before You Die

Here Scott Collinson sharing List of Rock Climbing places where you should definately visit once in your life.

1. Red River Gorge in Stanton, Kentucky

2 Otter Cliff in Acadia National Park, Maine

3 Silver Mountain in Baraga, Michigan

4. Gibraltar Rock in Santa Barbara, California

5. El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California

6. The Frankenjura in Bavaria, Germany

7. Boulder Canyon in Boulder, Colorado

8. Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand

9. Kalymnos Island in the Dodecanese Islands, Greece

10. Skaha Bluffs in British Columbia, Canada

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