Scott Collinson : 4 Meditation Tips

Simple meditation techniques to help a beginner. Tips so simple, yet very effective to have a deeper meditation experience:

1.    Choose a convenient time and place

2.    Sit comfortably with a light stomach

3.    Start with some warm-up exercises, deep breaths

4.    Smile and more.

How to meditate

1.    Choose a clean, distraction-free spot or room in your home, though you can do it sitting in your chair at the office during lunch-hour, too! If it is at home, it is better not to use this space for any other activity.

2.    Ensure the lighting is soothing and the ventilation sufficient – and the noise-levels under control.

3.    You can listen to guided meditations, but it is better to start with a group.

4.    Meditate at the same time every day, so it becomes a sustainable routine. Early morning is an optimal time.

5.    Don’t overdo it. Start by meditating for 10-15 minutes. Keep a timer

6.    Shut up – the cellphone. Tell your family you are on Do Not Disturb mode for a short spell of time, till your meditation is over.

7.    And, please, wear comfortable clothes, preferably of natural fabric.

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